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End-to-end solutions for world-class transport WiFi

Digital Transport Strategy

Applying our 'Connected Passenger' approach to build a long-term digital vision for your transport network.

Engaging Content

Personalised content tailored to each journey - TV, Magazines, Music, Gaming and News, all device-optimised.

Media Monetisation

Captive audience monetisation via sponsorship, in-page display advertising and local microsite delivery.

Out-Of-Home Integration

Working with the leading Out-of-Home media owners, we provide joined-up, transmedia marketing opportunities.

Passenger Intelligence

Our unique C3:IQ system leverages big data, machine learning and AI to deliver realtime passenger intelligence.

Seamless Connectivity

From station concourse to platform to carriage, we enable single sign-on, even in multi-vendor environments.


Best-of-breed delivery, experience, intelligence and monetisation

Media Engine

Supercharging the Internet

Connection Engine

Authentication & Backhaul Optimisation

Customer Experience

Immersive & Compelling UI/UX

Content Management System

Online Multi-User Editorial Platform

Content Delivery Network

Robust & Secure Update Platform

Network Operations Centre

Realtime Systems Monitoring & Reporting

Data Management Platform

Streaming Multi-Part Data in Realtime

Insight & Analytics

Turning Data into Intelligence

Content Filtering & Security

Friendly-WiFi & IWF Compliant

The Connected Passenger

C3's vision is seamless connectivity, optimised content and active travel assistance - throughout every step of the journey

  • Before leaving home or work

    Providing the passenger with multi-modal travel planning tools and realtime travel updates, including disruption alerts. Engage via SmartPhone, Tablet, PC, Smart-TV or AI Assistant. Leave home or work in time to catch the next service.

  • At the Station

    Easy sign-up to WiFi services with super-fast and frictionless re-connection for known devices. Provision of travel info, station facilities, retail promotions and the opportunity to download content and apps for on-board viewing.

  • In the Carriage

    Automatic WiFi connection, journey info, on-board facilties and onwards travel updates. Zero-latency delivery of news, magazines, music, gaming, TV/film content from local servers. An intelligent customer experience that's personalised and surfaces content & services at exactly the right time.

  • Travel Connections

    Guiding the passenger through stations using intelligent mapping, augmented reality way-finding and up-to-the-second departure information. Onwards travel made smoother by intelligent multi-modal route planning.

  • Throughout the Journey

    Realtime reporting on passenger location, behaviour and content preferences. Deep passenger intelligence allows for chaperoning and active journey support. Seat upgrades, free beverages and rewards for key customers. Consistent surprise and delight.

  • After the Journey

    Engage with the passenger via Web and App for their feedback, deliver report on service performance, provide info on their next anticipated journey and automatically factor in journey info for frequent traveller schemes and CO2 emissions savings.

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